Bochy‚Äôs Box is a subscription box filled with gifts & goods provided by survivors, influencers, & brands, whose mission is to empower and restore exploited women. When purchasing the box, you become part of her journey to recovery and freedom.

Bochy's Box is a quarterly box created and shipped in February, May, August, November as a compliment to the beginning of a new season.

The residents of Bochy's Place have no way to make an income while in recovery. One of the goals of Bochy's Place is to teach the residents a new type of independence. During their, 12-18 month stay we encourage creativity in earning income outside of a standard job. Each box curated and shipped with items made by the residents. By buying this box our subscribers are giving the survivor the opportunity to learn how to create items to sell, branding, pricing and more.


Bochy's Box is a part of the eco-system being created by the founder to build a sustainable model for long term solutions to eradicate Human Trafficking.

Proceeds from the sales of Bochy's Box are used to fund outreach, rescue & restoration efforts of girls trapped in sex trafficking.

When you take a step, she takes a step.